While Stoomshop offers advanced technology and the latest in environmentally-friendly cleaning science, it’s our unparalleled attention to detail and seven point inspection process that elevates our dry cleaning service to the best garment care. Our team of professionally-trained inspectors is dedicated to meeting and exceeding client expectations every time, and our multi-tiered inspection process designed to ensure every issue is.......

Does the weekly washing get you down? Is it one chore you’d do anything to avoid? Then simply drop off your laundry at Stoomshop & we’ll wash, dry, iron and fold it beautifully, Bij ons is uw kleding in veilige handen. Onze grote waarde wasserij dienst is ideaal voor dagelijkse kleren, Zoals jeans, shorts, T-shirts and pyjamas – and even household textiles like bed linen, towels and cushion covers, table linen including table clothes, sofa covers.......

Having your Gordijn cleaned couldn’t be easier with Stoomshop we will collect your Gordijn clean them and return them to you within 1-2 days. Your Gordijn will be cleaned and pressed no matter what size and we ensure that they will be cleaned to care label guide lines. Stoomshop also take care of your Dekbed, Matrashoes, Kussenhoezen, Slaapzak, Bankhoes, Slaapzak dons en Deken cleaning. Your Huishoudelijk Textiel is perfect habitat .......

Stomerij De Stoomshop

img042Bij Stoomshop uw kleding in veilige handen

Wij verzorgen het totale pakket aan textiel: stomen, wassen & repareren!
Van kostuums, wasgoed, gordijnen tot en met dekbedden.

Laat uw kleding met een gerust hart achter voor reiniging of reparatie.
Kwaliteit en vakmanschap zijn onze topprioriteit.

Wij zijn gevestigd aan de Van Oldenbarneveltplein 24
3317 EP Dordrecht, aan de buitenkant van winkelcentrum Crabbehof (naast Avia benzinestation).